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How do I get my mom to stop insisting on a fluffy wedding dress?

How to Make Moms Stop Insisting on Puffy Wedding Dresses

While completing your wedding preparations step by step and doing your wedding shopping, one of the challenges awaiting you may be trying to cope with the attitudes of your mother and/or mother-in-law as if they were the bride-to-be. Especially when you want to prefer straight cut wedding dresses while shopping for wedding dresses, if they insistently direct you to princess cut wedding dresses and wedding dresses with puffy skirts; Would you like to learn how to convince your mother or mother-in-law so that you can wear the wedding dress you want without upsetting her? We take that as a yes...

How to Make Your Mom Give Up Her Love for Puffy Wedding Dresses?

Describe the Latest Wedding Dress Trends

You can start by telling your mother and mother-in-law the details that affect your wedding dress preferences. Make it clear to them that the perception of wedding dresses has changed and that straight cut and simple wedding dresses are very preferred as well as wedding dresses with big and puffy skirts.

Show Celebrities' Wedding Dresses

You can show them the wedding photos of recently married celebrities. Of course, it is important at this point that the celebrities in the photos you choose prefer wedding dresses without puffy skirts. Many recently married celebrities have already shown up in fish-shaped, two-piece or straight-cut wedding dresses. Beren Saat, Fahriye Evcen, Neslihan Atagül, Bensu Soral, Hazal Kaya are some of the famous brides whose wedding dresses you can show as examples.

Remind Them That You Are The Bride

At the point when you think that your mother's insistence is starting to tire you out, gently remind her that you are the bride without offending her. This is your wedding and you are getting married; it is your most natural right to wear the wedding dress you want. The choices you make for the most important and special day of your life should of course reflect your taste.

Say You Want to Be Happy When You Look at Your Wedding Photos

Explain that if you choose a wedding dress that is not your style, it will make you unhappy and you will not want to have your wedding photos taken in such a dress. Tell them that what you want is to look at your wedding photos and remember how happy you were on your wedding day in a wedding dress you love and want.

Explain That You Cannot Move Comfortably In A Wedding Dress With A Crinoline

You can state that you cannot move comfortably with a huge wedding dress skirt while walking, dancing, when you want to go to the restroom; you can state that you want to display your dance figures to your heart's content at your wedding.

Show them your favorite wedding dress by wearing your veil

When you choose a straight-cut, simple or fish-shaped wedding dress, before showing it to your mother or mother-in-law; use the accessories of your wedding dress. Putting your veil in your hair and taking your bridal bouquet in your hand will make you more flamboyant and powerful. Especially when you wear your wedding dress without your veil, you may face a reaction as if you are wearing a dress. If you don't know how to choose a veil, you can read this topic: What kind of veil should I wear?.

Pass the Ball to Your Future Spouse

If your mother and mother-in-law continue to insist that you wear a wedding dress with a puffy skirt despite all your persuasion efforts, you can throw the ball to your future spouse. It will be effective on mothers if you tell them that she does not like that style of wedding dress. Especially if your mother-in-law is the one who insists on the wedding dress, your future spouse can talk to her mother and ask her to leave you alone.

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