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Is the Wedding Cake Feeding Ceremony Appropriate?

If the wedding ceremony is to be held in the wedding hall, there will be a wedding cake cutting and then a wedding cake feeding process. Wedding cake While in the past, the act of feeding the cake was an option that couples could not say no to due to the pressure of the staff at the wedding hall, today it is up to the preference of the bride and groom. Therefore, if you do not want to deal with cake feeding on your happiest day, you can choose a wedding hall that meets these criteria or warn the staff at the wedding hall not to insist on cake cutting. Actually wedding cake Since the feeding ceremony is a customary situation in wedding halls, you can choose this tradition at your wedding because it will be an appropriate behavior for the wedding. If you do not want to choose, you can spend your wedding having fun by tasting the cake normally after cutting your cake.

Do We Have Difficulties Feeding Wedding Cake?

The wedding cake is cut about an hour after the wedding has started, and while some couples find it fun, others find it a challenging process. Because during the cake feeding, the bride and groom try to eat the slice of cake they take with a fork and feed it to the other party at the same time, this action seems easy on the surface, but cake feeding ceremony is not an easy action at all. Because the excitement of the bride and groom will reach its peak among the curious looks of all the guests, the cake feeding will become much more difficult. The cake feeding ceremony, which is a difficult but fun tradition, can become even more fun with the humorous approach of some couples.

Is there a Rehearsal for Wedding Cake Feeding?

Most wedding halls invite the couple to rehearsals before the wedding to prepare them for situations such as dancing or entering the hall and to avoid any problems during the wedding. If you wish, you can request a preliminary practice rehearsal at your request by including the rehearsal in the cake feeding ceremony. First of all, the cake that the officials will bring you in the form of a model; At the moment when the action of cutting and then feeding each other with a fork takes place, you will easily spend the moment of feeding the cake at your wedding by throwing your inexperience over you. Also wedding feeding cake In order to be able to act more practically during the wedding, you can rehearse it yourself; You can make your wedding more fun as a result of the wedding hall independently.

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  • I don't think there's much of a joke about the cake feeding ceremony for the wedding. I look at it as if it's an important moment for most couples, but it doesn't have to be.

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