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Wedding Day Photography 

One of the issues that brides want to be handled in the most perfect way about the wedding is the wedding photos. Sometimes due to lack of time, sometimes due to unnecessary haste, and sometimes due to insufficient attention, this shooting issue, which can remain as a dream for brides, can be finalized in a near-perfect way with a little attention and planning. Especially the planning of the shooting time is the most sensitive issue at this point. This issue is very important both for the photographer to do his job properly and for our couples to have an album as they wish. Having a photo shoot on the wedding day can be a wonderful dream or a nightmare, depending on the path followed. But don't worry; wedding day photo shoot We will now examine every detail that needs to be known about it together.

Plan what you need to do on your wedding day

For a quality wedding album, you should take photos as relaxed and natural as possible. However, the photos that are planned to be taken on the wedding day and to be perfect, unfortunately, usually cannot give the desired results due to the intensity and chaos during the day. Brides, you need to plan everything from the pre-wedding hairdresser to the bridal pick-up ceremony, from the wedding convoy to make-up, down to the finest detail and use your day in the most efficient way. This situation does not put you in a hurry during the day. In fact, with everything going to plan, you will also control your excitement.

You don't want to be stressed and nervous on your happiest day. That's exactly the point, photo shoot you should choose the most convenient time for you. Take care to choose a time that is both compatible with the other activities you have planned and not rushed. For example, if you are going directly to the wedding hall/location after the shoot, you can choose the photographer's studio or shooting location close to the wedding venue. This will save you both time and energy. Why sit down tired when you can play every song at your own wedding in the evening and spill your worms?

What are the Advantages of Wedding Day Photography?

As mentioned above, wedding day photo shoots don't always turn out badly. Girls, imagine seeing the sweet excitement of that long-awaited day in your albums... How sincere and natural isn't it? Wedding day photo shoots can also offer you such beautiful opportunities. It can be more difficult to capture the same feeling, especially in photos taken before or after the wedding. For this reason, the photos taken on that magical day have a different charm.

Avoid the Negativity!

Wedding day photo shoot Besides the beautiful excitement, there are also some negative situations that it can lead to. One of the most important of these situations is the tension between the couples due to the rush. Oh brides, don't let this happen. Do not allow unpleasantness with your spouse on your happiest day. Plan ahead and solve any rushing and unexpected problems before they happen.

Another disadvantage is that the make-up/hair etc. deteriorates with each passing minute. If the shooting time is considerably earlier than the wedding time, especially you, the bride and groom's hair/make-up etc. should be ready early. In the time period after the shoot, your makeup starts to scream "Please refresh me" every passing hour. This causes both an extra waste of time and a deterioration of the imagined conditions. In this direction, choose your shooting time well, girls, then you say "said".


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