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wedding dress delivery party

Wedding Dress Delivery Party in All Details

There are a lot of activities that the bride-to-be will add to her memory book about her wedding. The wedding dress delivery party must be one of the most exciting of these activities. There may be some of you among us who say that there is a wedding dress delivery party. But we are sure that we will convince you to have a wedding dress delivery party at the end of our article! If you want, let's start with the question of what a wedding dress delivery party is, and then let's talk about how it is done.

The wedding dress has a special place.

The excitement of being a bride, which starts from childhood, is a dream that every young girl waits with great excitement to be realized... When the moment you dream of comes, you want the wedding dress you will wear to be perfect, even flawless.

Most of the time, the search for a wedding dress starts even before the decision to get married, even in childhood; now it comes to the agenda in a serious way. When you choose your wedding dress and start rehearsals, you feel a different excitement. At the end of this process, which you will enjoy a lot, the day you will receive the wedding dress suddenly comes. The moment you will get your wedding dress in which you will look flawless; both you, your friends, your family and wedding dress companies organize a small delivery party to immortalize it...

What is a Wedding Dress Delivery Party?

The wedding dress delivery party is a party given after all the fittings for the wedding dress are over, when the wedding dress will be received. (Of course, you are not alone at this party, your loved ones are with you.) This concept is actually quite new.

Why Organize a Wedding Dress Delivery Party?

Every woman has different expectations from choosing a wedding dress. While some of us prefer to find and buy a wedding dress that suits us best and in which we will look perfect, some of us prefer to sew a wedding dress design that suits our taste by using our own creativity.

After all the rehearsals are completed and your wedding dress is tailored to your body as you wish; brides-to-be prefer to turn these times full of excitement and joy into an unforgettable entertainment. Who can say no to that anyway!

Must-Haves of the Wedding Dress Delivery Party Organization

Of course, at the beginning of the sine qua non of the wedding dress delivery party organizations is your wedding dress, which has completed all the procedures. (Then, of course, your relatives and you come. Of course, for this, you must first call your relatives and inform them).

The second most important sine qua non of this special organization is music. After all, what fun is there without music? (Of course you have a say in the choice of music. But if you do not have a special preference, you can leave this choice to your friends).

Another item is the photo shoot. After all, we all have a cell phone in our hands, but you may prefer to hire a photographer for your party. (In this way, neither you nor your friends will bother taking photos, but have fun.) Of course, this is a decision you will make depending on your preference and budget. For example, we prefer sincere poses taken by our friends to professional photos.

If you want to have such a party, we recommend that you discuss all the details, especially those mentioned above, with the place where you have your wedding dress sewn or purchased.

What is a Wedding Dress Surrender Party?

The wedding dress delivery party, which has recently become fashionable, is usually held in fashion houses or ateliers where you buy your wedding dress. (The organization is undertaken by the wedding dress companies.) During this small celebration, the wedding dresses delivered in a cheerful party atmosphere; deserve to be written in the bride-to-be's memory books, don't they?

This party, where the stress and fatigue of the wedding preparations are relieved to some extent, can be made more fun by decorating it with different concepts. Thanks to the photos taken, we are sure that you will remember these memories with a smile even years later.

A musical entertainment is organized at the wedding dress delivery party, which usually takes place between 11 am and 2 pm when the workshops are least busy. For the bridesmaids or close friends who are with the bride during this entertainment; small packages containing items such as crowns, dressing gowns, bracelets and slippers are also prepared and delivered to them. In addition, some bridal shops with a strong organizational side can have a special velvet board, decor memory corners and feathered masks made for you to wear.

In an atmosphere of champagne and laughter, your wedding dress company delivers your wedding dress to you in a festive atmosphere.

After you receive your wedding dress, the fun begins! Music, champagne/wine and snacks... Dancing, laughter and photos... We have no doubt that it will be a party that will flood your Instagram accounts with likes. There are even some people who share this moment live.

What to Wear to a Wedding Dress Delivery Party?

Brides-to-be who want to be ready for the wedding dress pick-up party can create concepts according to their own preferences. For example, if you have a favorite color, your relatives who will attend the party with you can choose nightgowns and dressing gowns in your favorite color. You will attend the event with a white dressing gown. (Of course, you do not need to bring this dressing gown with you, your wedding dress company takes care of that part).

Before the party starts, you and your relatives put on the nightgowns and dressing gowns specially prepared for you. (In other words, the final preparations are completed to celebrate your wedding dress delivery.) After that, a very fun party and creative poses for photos will be waiting for you.

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