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Types of Wedding Dress Fabric: What Are Their Names and Characteristics?

The beauty of the wedding dress does not only depend on the model. The type of fabric is also of great importance. Because each wedding dress fabric is produced for a certain body type and season. In this article, we have compiled wedding dress fabrics and their features for you.

Beautiful Wedding Dress Fabric Types

Many types of fabric can be used in wedding dresses. However, some fabric types are highly preferred. These are lace, guipure, silk, satin, taffeta, tulle, chiffon, organza, mikado, ziberlin, rayon, crepe and rayon fabrics.

Some types of wedding dress fabrics are also divided into models within themselves.

What are the Characteristics of Wedding Dress Fabric Types?

It will be useful to know the terms of bridal fabric before going to the bridal shop. Especially when the properties of these fabrics are mastered, it will make it easier to choose the right wedding dress.

  • Brocade: Wedding dress fabric types is a fabric that attracts attention due to its structure. Because although it has a hard structure, it is lighter than satin. Its structure contains synthetic fibers and silk. It has a fluffy appearance. It can be preferred in fall and winter.
  • Lace: It is used in shaping shimmering and opaque models. It is lined with cotton and silk fabrics during use. It is generally preferred in vintage boheme, princess cut and straight cuts. It is ideal for weddings to be held in historical places.
  • Fay: It is used in the front part of straight-cut wedding dress models.
  • Dupont Satin It does not stain in washing. Therefore, it is very preferred. It gives coolness to the skin because it has a silky texture.
  • Güpür: It is mixed with lace. It is used on the sleeve, chest and collar parts of wedding dress models. It is especially seen in veils. The difference from lace is that it has large loops. It can be preferred in summer. It is a very imitated fabric. Therefore, care should be taken to ensure that the wedding dress store is reliable.
  • French Lace It is a type of lace in which shapes such as flowers are used. It is quite expensive compared to plain lace. That's why it is only used on veils.
  • Jacquard: It is used in the lining and face part of wedding dress models. Since it is a mixed and variegated fabric, it is suitable for all seasons.
  • Raw Silk It is a stiff fabric. However, it is cheaper than pure silk. Therefore, it is one of the most preferred fabric types.
  • Velvet: It is a matte and heavy fabric. Therefore, it is quite shiny.
  • Jupon: It is not used outside wedding dresses. It is generally preferred as underwear. It allows the skirt of the wedding dress to swell.
  • Pancake: It is a mixed fabric type consisting of wool and silk fabrics. It has a fine texture. It can be preferred in narrow and simple cut wedding dress models.
  • Linen: It is a very light bridal fabric type. Since it is matte, it is generally preferred for simple wedding dresses.
  • Koton Satin: Although it looks like satin, it is mostly made of cotton. It can be preferred in spring.
  • Organdi: It is a light fabric.
  • Mikado: As it is an imported fabric, it has a hard and smooth appearance. Carolina Herrera, Pronovias and Rosa Clara is a fabric preferred by world brands. It can be mixed with satin fabric wedding dress models. The difference from satin fabric is that it is striped.
  • Muslin: It is a type of fabric that attracts attention with its drape. It is lightly woven and transparent.
  • Organza: It is a thin and transparent fabric. There are glass, silk and crystal organza types. It is used in layers. It is preferred in classic wedding dress models. It is suitable for spring and summer months. It provides a tough appearance.
  • Otoman: It is a type of silk and corduroy fabric. It is preferred in summer.
  • Otrish: It is a type of fabric used as an accessory in wedding dresses. It is used as a feather in wedding dresses.
  • Pure Silk It is a type of fabric produced from the cocoon of the silkworm. It has a fine texture. It is expensive compared to other types of silk.
  • Polka Dot Feather It is a transparent and very thin fabric. Therefore, it is used in the skirt parts of layered wedding dress models and veils.
  • Rayon: It is very similar to rayon. Therefore, it has a smooth and elastic structure. It is more affordable than other fabric types. However, it wrinkles easily. It can be preferred for weddings to be held in spring and summer.
  • Shantung: It has a silky structure. It has a sparse structure and a shiny appearance. Therefore, it is used in the skirt part of the wedding dress.
  • Satin: Wedding dress fabric types is the most preferred one among them. Because it adapts to all wedding dress models due to its silky structure. Sometimes it is also used with wool and linen fabrics. In this way, a full look is given to the wedding dresses. It can be preferred for hotel weddings.
  • Taffeta: It is used for engagement rather than wedding dresses. It has a dense and fine textured structure. It has a bright and pastel appearance. Therefore, it is used in the skirt and upper parts of wedding dresses. It can be preferred in princess and A-line wedding dress models.
  • Chiffon It has a thin and transparent structure. Also known as summer wedding dress. It can be used in all wedding dress models. It can be preferred for beach and country weddings. However, it is not suitable for every body type. It is suitable for pear body type. It covers the hips because it is puffy.
  • Tulle It is a transparent fabric. It is used to decorate wedding dress models. It is quite light. It can be preferred in historical places and salon weddings.
  • Embroidered French Lace: Also known as embroidery on tulle. It is thin and mesh textured. There are embroidered motifs on it. Therefore, it is used on the sleeve, collar and chest parts of wedding dress models. It can be preferred in all seasons.
  • Ziberlin: Its structure is silk and thin. It cannot be used in every wedding dress model. It is generally preferred in coupled wedding dress models. Ideal for historical venue weddings.
  • Vichy: It is a cotton and checkered fabric. It is ideal for weddings in historical places. Silk is also mixed into it.

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  • I have my wedding dress custom made. I preferred a lace wedding dress fabric. It has a very elegant and modern look.

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