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How many fittings does it take to sew a wedding dress?

In How Many Rehearsals Is The Wedding Dress Sewn And Ready?

If you have made a happy decision to start a wonderful life journey by making a happy decision and decided to have a wedding dress tailored for you instead of buying it for a wedding dress that is special to you and that completely describes you; you have in front of you rehearsals and an enjoyable and exciting process begins. However, we suggest that if you want to buy the most important dress of your life instead of having it sewn, you should ask yourself whether the time you have in front of you is enough, how many fittings to sew a wedding dress and you need to have a precise knowledge of what will be ready.

When you choose your tailor, you will be given a timetable about the sewing time and rehearsals for the wedding dress design you have chosen. If you have it sewn in the atelier, the stylist design consultants working there will give you detailed information about the effects of the wedding dress model on the sewing time and rehearsals, and the delivery date will be specified in writing during the agreement. Now we will give you a preliminary idea about how long it will be ready on average and how many rehearsal appointments you should make if you prefer a classic and simple wedding dress model.

How Many Rehearsals Do I Need to Have a Wedding Dress Sewn?

Choosing the wedding dress model and making an agreement with a tailor or atelier who has experience in this field will mean that you will enter into a process that requires patience, excitement and time. How many rehearsals will be required or how long it will take to receive the wedding dress varies according to the chosen wedding dress design and the details and details considered on the wedding dress.

The average completion time of a simple wedding dress that is not embroidered or dense varies between three and four months. However, if the selected wedding dress model has details that require craftsmanship; the sewing and completion time of the selected design can reach five or even six months.

Wedding dress fittings have a variable structure during the sewing process. Many factors can cause this variable picture. Although many examples such as weight gain, weight loss, additions to the details planned to be made on the model can cause the rehearsal process to change, in general, in a smooth sewing process how many fittings to sew a wedding dress we can give the duration:

Design processAfter deciding on the wedding dress model, the type of fabric and the details to be included on it, a bride-to-be should attend one or two rehearsals on average for the upper body and skirt part. After the design rehearsals are over, it is time for the production rehearsals.

Production RehearsalsAfter the design rehearsals, the wedding dress begins to emerge with its preliminary lines. The rehearsals made during the production process are very important in terms of sewing the wedding dress, in terms of achieving the desired result of the selected model. Production rehearsals, which proceed smoothly, as planned, without any changes, are four or five times depending on the situation.

Remodeling Rehearsals; Alteration rehearsals are not necessary in some cases. However, sometimes with the last minute decision of the bride; it may take one or two sessions to make minor changes on the wedding dress.


How long does it take to sew a wedding dress?

There are three main stages when the wedding dress is sewn and ready.

  • Design Process
  • Production Process
  • Renovation Process

Design Process

How many fittings does it take to sew a wedding dress? The first process is called the design process, which covers details such as making the design, selecting the fabric, lace and accessories, taking measurements and confirming the deadline. This process generally takes between fifteen days and one month.

Production Process

When the design process is completed; the production process, which is the second stage for sewing wedding dresses, begins. In the production process, complex details, special embroidery and embroideries are made and the designed wedding dress begins to be poured onto the fabric. The wedding dress emerges with its outlines in this process. If the selected wedding dress model does not have a very complex structure; this process takes an average of two months.

Renovation Period

This process, in which changes or alterations to be made on the wedding dress model come to the agenda, is on average one month. Sometimes the alteration process is not necessary. But generally, bridal islands may experience weight or body changes due to situations such as excitement and stress due to wedding preparations. This process, which includes the final arrangements to be made on the wedding dress, has a flexible period between fifteen days and one month.

The date when the three processes will be completed and the wedding dress will be delivered; It must be completed at least fifteen days before the wedding day. Another detail that arouses your curiosity about sewing a wedding dress is how many rehearsals you will go to during this process.


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