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Tips for Choosing a Wedding Ring

Choosing a wedding ring is an extremely important issue. Because you will wear the wedding ring, which is a symbol of commitment and love, for a lifetime. It is not an easy task to find one that both you and your partner will like among thousands of different wedding ring models. Likewise, it is also very important that this wedding ring fits your hand.

How to Choose a Wedding Ring?

When choosing a wedding ring, there are life-saving sets. These are double wedding rings with male and female versions. Although these wedding rings are divided into female model and male model, they complement each other in terms of structure.  

These wedding ring sets are specially designed for the bride and groom. While the wedding ring for the bride comes with plenty of stones and patterns, the wedding ring that the groom will wear is a simple wedding ring. These wedding rings are quite similar to each other except for their structure and decorations.

It is useful to consider ease of use when choosing a wedding ring. Models that squeeze your finger, make you sweat and are heavy can negatively affect your daily life. For this reason, it would be beneficial for you to prefer thin and light models.

Patterned wedding rings may have drawbacks. Especially models with patterns on the inner surface can cause irritation of the finger. In models with too many stones, there may also be problems such as accumulation of soap residues while hand washing. For this reason, it would be logical to choose as simple models as possible.

When choosing a wedding ring, it will be useful to consider your clothing style. If you are someone who usually wears a question, you can choose simple models. You can combine your wedding ring with your solitaire ring in invitations and places where you need to be stylish.

When choosing a ring, it is also important to pay attention to the price. The price of a wedding ring is not only determined by the gram weight of gold. It is also necessary to take into account the value of the stones and labor costs. For this reason, it is useful to do a good price research before choosing a wedding ring.

How Many Settings Should Gold Wedding Ring Be?

If the wedding ring you will buy will be gold, you should also pay attention to the setting of the gold. Because the high setting of the gold will ensure that it will be used for many years.

Our recommendation is 14 carat gold wedding ring models. Because you can choose both because they are durable, and 14 carat gold wedding ring models are the most varied wedding ring model. 14 carat gold wedding rings are very hard to scratch because they are hard and they are very resistant to warping.

The disadvantage of 14 carat gold wedding rings is that they cannot be measured afterwards. Because 14 carat rings have a hard structure and are not flexible.

18 carat gold wedding ring models are also popular. However, there are not many models in this gold setting. The models are usually simple models. However, 18 carat gold wedding ring models are quite robust.

22 carat gold wedding rings are extremely flexible models. However, these models are not very resistant to impacts.

Since 24 carat gold corresponds to pure gold, we can say that it does not exist as a wedding ring model. A large part of the wedding rings sold as 24 carat in the market are actually not 24 carat. Pay attention when buying.

What are Wedding Ring Models?

Wedding ring types differ according to the material used, size, color and pattern. Especially in recent years, the number of varieties has increased considerably. For this reason, couples can be quite indecisive when choosing a wedding ring.

When choosing a wedding ring, your job will be easier if you first decide what the material will be. You can choose between wedding ring models produced with materials such as gold, silver, platinum, steel and titanium.

Color is also a big factor of elimination. There are different wedding ring models such as pink, yellow and silver.

When gold and silver are mixed, green colored wedding ring models emerge. However, you should keep in mind that your wedding ring may darken in the future due to the high amount of silver in it.

There are many options for wedding ring preference. If you wish, you can choose a very simple model in gold color, or you can consider a more flashy model with stones on it. Curved and golden yellow wedding ring models are among the most popular models among couples. However, this model is not as easy to use as thin wedding rings.

If you are considering a silver wedding ring, you can witness that there are many different models. However, it is useful to keep in mind that silver requires maintenance because it will tarnish.

If you prefer a more modern wedding ring, you can also choose steel wedding rings. Steel wedding rings are both durable and stainless steel. Steel wedding rings, which do not tarnish like silver, do not need maintenance.

Another modern wedding ring model is titanium models. Titanium is just as durable as steel and is very lightweight as a plus feature. Since it does not oxidize like silver, it does not tarnish.

Wedding Ring and Solitaire Harmony

The important point to consider when choosing a wedding ring is that it is compatible with your other rings. If you want to use your solitaire ring and wedding ring together, you can create a beautiful combination.

The common feature of wedding rings and solitaires is that they are both very durable and can be used for years. Again, both wedding rings and solitaires symbolize lifelong commitment.

Wedding rings have models that can be worn in all kinds of daily life. A solitaire is worn with a wedding ring on special occasions. For this reason, it is important that the wedding ring and solitaire complement each other.

Special Design Wedding Rings

If you can't find the kind of wedding ring you are looking for, you can contact a wedding ring designer. Yes, it is quite costly to have a wedding ring designed. However, if your financial situation allows, there is no harm in wearing a special wedding ring.

A special ring can take different forms. For example, if you have a special figure or symbol with your partner, you can have it drawn on your wedding ring. This process can take a while and can be costly.

Wedding Ring Expansion and Contraction

In our changing world, we see that habits are also changing. While couples used to buy a wedding ring and wear it for years in the past, today's generation can see different procedures such as changing wedding rings according to fashion. However, there are also people who are more old-fashioned in this regard. If you plan to wear your wedding ring for years, you should keep in mind that your finger width may change over the years.

Gold wedding ring models can be easily expanded. Because gold is a soft element, it can be easily processed with the help of machines. You can be sure that your wedding ring will not be damaged during these processes.

Reduction operations can be done in the same way. It is possible to shrink your wedding ring with pressing machines

As the karat of gold increases, so does its flexibility. In wedding rings with a high gold setting, the expansion process can be done much more easily.

Wedding Rings by Hand Type

Although a beautiful wedding ring is the key to a beautiful look, you should also pay attention to the way it fits your hand. If you are a person with small hands and short fingers, we recommend you to buy a thin and elegant wedding ring. Otherwise, a rough look may also emerge. People with thick and large hands may prefer a more flashy and large wedding ring.

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  • Choosing a wedding ring is very, very important, so these tips are also critical. Thank you very much for this beautiful content.

  • The things to be considered when choosing a wedding ring are really explained one by one in your article. In my opinion, choosing a wedding ring is one of the most important 3-4 issues to be considered especially before getting married because it symbolizes a bond between you and your spouse.

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