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What is the Ideal Age for Marriage?

Today, there are some people who take marriage seriously, but there are also people who get bored and get married simply because of family pressure. This is why ideal age for marriage The issue has been among the most discussed topics. Before getting married, everyone should first explain to their children what marriage means. Families who marry their children without knowing the importance of marriage are the families that prevent their children's happiness. Getting married under family pressure means stepping into an illogical marriage. If you try to marry off your children without knowing what marriage means before you feel ready, you will not get any result from that marriage. We used to have girls who were married off at the age of 16. Perhaps your mother is among them. When we think logically, how can a 16-year-old person get married and take care of their home, marriage is not just something that ends with a signature.

Who Should Determine the Right Time?

There is no such thing as the right time for marriage. Why is that? it is up to you to choose the person you want to marry. Therefore, there is no such thing as I am 25 years old, let's get married. There is no age for marriage, there is no time for marriage. You should get married whenever you feel ready. The right time is when your thoughts have developed to be able to support a household after marriage and when you think you can make the marriage work.

Why Early Marriage Should Not Be Done

Everyone knows that early marriages took place in our past. However, how healthy these marriages are is a matter of debate. In the past these marriages could work, but today early marriages cannot work. The reason for this is very simple: When your children in their 18s and 20s get married, they will always be on the outside looking in. We see this in all marriages at this age. There is also this dimension: Families of girls force their daughters to marry, which is complete nonsense. The child is your child, why would you force them to do anything! This is due to the lack of education from the past. Education does not mean bringing a child into the world, bringing them to a certain age and then marrying them off to someone they don't want. Education means drawing your child's future life. Why should your child go through what you are going through! Many mothers and fathers think that it is right to marry at an early age as they did in their own times. However, this thinking is wrong. The social structure that changes over time reveals a different perception of thought.

Should there be an age difference between a boy and a girl?

In marriages, it is generally demanded that the girl be younger than the boy. The reason for this is, as always, to keep the man superior. In a way, it is to satisfy the male ego. It is a wrong idea that the same age of the girl and the boy will create a problem. It is not the age difference that matters in marriage. Your minds and thoughts must match. If you marry a person with whom your thoughts do not match and try to build a home, all your efforts will be in vain. It is said that the development of boys is later than girls. That is why girls are usually younger and boys are older. In marriages with a high age difference, since the thoughts of the girl and the boy are not the same, the things they want to do will not be the same. At this point, while being close in age provides an advantage, it also helps the marriage to last longer.

What is the Role of Families in Marriage?

Our families should not allow their children to marry before they become full adults. They should not put pressure on them to get married; there is no happiness in children who get married as a result of this pressure. If a family wants their child to be happy, they must first teach them what marriage means. You need to show that it is not logical to marry and divorce, and that such marriages lead to bad consequences in the future. Among the problems in today's marriages are negligence and uncaring spouses, but most divorces are due to childish reasons. The reason for this is that a child whose character is not established is forced into marriage.

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  • So I think the age of marriage is a concept that is relative to each person, that is, it is a changing concept. For example, a person who wants to pursue an academic career may prefer to get married later because he/she will be working on his/her master's degree and doctorate.

  • It depends on the general course of life. After all, it can even vary according to the time you live. So there is not the ideal age of marriage, but the age that the person wants.

  • I think the ideal age of marriage has progressed a little bit, it used to be married at the age of 18 or 20, then it shifted to 22 or 24, and now I think the ideal age is 26 or 28, and it may even be a little later for men, like it can reach 30.

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