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what is a wedding video

What is a Wedding Video?

What is a Wedding Video?

Wedding videos are among the most important trends of recent years. Although VHS video recordings taken years ago are quite nostalgic, it is also very important to take advantage of today's blessings. Wedding video Thanks to this, you can immortalize your wedding and leave a beautiful legacy to your children and grandchildren.

The Importance of Video

Although the wedding photos are quite beautiful, the video has a very special place. Because these audio images, which will allow you to relive all the emotions, will also allow you to experience very emotional moments when watched years later. Yes, perhaps every moment of your wedding will be in your mind, but thanks to this wedding video, you will have the opportunity to watch the moments you were not there and the pleasant moments you missed. It will also be very romantic to watch those happy hours you spent with your spouse on this most special day.

Wedding videos will also be of interest to people who were unable to attend your wedding. Especially after many years, you can enable your children and even your grandchildren to watch these pleasant and unforgettable moments. A wedding video that will support your wedding story wedding video will remain an unforgettable memory.

You can also do different things with wedding videos. You can crop images from certain moments of the videos and make a very nice collage. It is possible to enjoy making a very enjoyable collage by determining topics such as the most romantic moments, the funniest moments, etc.


What is a Wedding Story?

A wedding story is a documentary that records not only your wedding but your whole day. In this documentary, you have the chance to see many different images such as your wedding preparations, your rush, special moments during your wedding, etc. together. In this documentary, you can see the most special moments of your wedding as well as the most enjoyable moments of the preparation process during the day.

From the first moment you wake up in the morning to your wedding day, this 2-3 hour documentary will be one of your most unforgettable memories.

Wedding Clip

Wedding storytelling and wedding documentary are things that are now done by almost everyone. But would you like to try something different? We recommend the wedding video. In your wedding clip, you can shoot a clip to a song you love very much, you can act out a scene from a movie you love. This way you can have another unforgettable memory.


Tips for Wedding Video

There are things to think about and do before shooting a wedding video. It is also important to pay attention to technical issues. Wedding video we will talk about some tricks for you. These are

  • It is important to determine a concept for the video in advance. This issue should be discussed in detail with the company that will shoot the wedding video. It is an extremely important issue for the wedding video to be as you want and healthy.
  • If the shooting is to take place indoors, great importance must be attached to lighting. It is recommended to use a light set for this. The use of a light set is a factor that will significantly increase visual aesthetics.
  • If the wedding video shoot will take place outdoors, the outdoor light needs to be stabilized. A reflector can be used for this.
  • If you want to record sound, the camera's microphone alone may not be enough. You may also need to purchase a sound recorder.
  • Make sure that the camera to be shot is state-of-the-art. Keep in mind that the better the resolution, the better quality image you will get. For this reason, a 1920×1080 scale shooting record can give extremely good results.
  • The video does not have to be simple. With different technologies and programs, you can create very enjoyable videos. Many different options such as opening credits, three-dimensional effects will be at your disposal.


How to Choose a Wedding Videographer?

Wedding video is a very important issue. It is extremely important to sit down and talk to the company that will record these most special moments of your life.

First of all, find out whether the company has prepared a proper script draft. Looking at the company's past work can give you an idea about this issue. A video can be shot according to the concept of your wedding. It is also important to act with this concept in mind. If the company is a knowledgeable and experienced company on this subject, they will also inform you about the latest trends.

Before agreeing with the company, it is important to watch the wedding videos they have shot before in order to have an idea about their style. This way you can visualize a clearer image in your head. A style you want wedding video to see if they can pull it off.

It is also an important step to meet the staff of the company that will shoot. Communicating with people one-on-one prepares the ground for a better environment as a team and helps the parties to understand each other better. In this way, people see each other's wishes and act accordingly. If you have a special request from the team, it is undoubtedly a healthier method to inform the team directly, rather than through intermediary means.

You can also exchange ideas about shooting locations with the company. If you do not have an idea about the shooting location, getting ideas from the company can be a logical option.


After Shooting

It is also important to talk to the company in advance about how long the editing process will take after the shooting is over, whether additional background music, subtitles, etc. will be added. Because it is useful to clarify everything in advance so that you do not have problems after shooting.

Be sure to ask the company all the questions you have in mind in order to avoid problems after the shoot. If you cannot get satisfactory answers, try working with a different company. Remember, since there is no repetition of this most special day, it is of great importance that you work with a proper company. It is useful to be careful and choose your company properly in order not to have anything to spoil your taste on this unforgettable day.

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  • It is really an important factor that will revive memories after marriage. as a result, it is the happiest day of your life and it is possible to trivialize it with a wedding video. it is definitely a job that needs to be done carefully and carefully.

  • Years after your marriage, it will be possible to look back and remember your memories thanks to photos and videos. This is why it is very important and needs to be taken care of.

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