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What Should be on the Wedding Table?

What Should be on the Wedding Table?

The wedding rush that surrounds the couples who will get married causes many questions to arise. We would like to explain to you the answers to the questions you have in mind in the days before your wedding. Especially by providing you with information about the extremely small details about the hall where you will have your wedding. What should be on the wedding table? We would like to explain the answer to such a question.

What Should be on the Wedding Table?

Wedding table In addition to burning a visual feast for your guests, it is among the elements that will make you happy.

Let us state that the most important detail of the wedding table is especially the tablecloth. The cover on the tables to be used in the hall should be preferred from a quality fabric and cover the table completely. Do not skip this extremely important detail. Otherwise, seeing the legs under the table will be visually very disturbing. Even when choosing the color of the tablecloth, we recommend that you choose tablecloths in light colors. Let us state that this detail is extremely important in order to prevent the tables from being dimmed after the lights are turned off.

Among the details that should be considered after the cover and that must be present on the table, it is also important that the flowers that will be on the table should be alive. At the same time, the presence of candles on the table will add a different style to the atmosphere when the lights are turned off.

Choosing table flowers

When choosing table flowers, you should definitely choose flowers that will be suitable for the place. When we think that the places have different spells, we would like to state that this choice is entirely up to you.

For weddings to be held in venues such as outdoor venues, flowers should be selected from vibrant and brightly colored flowers. It should be noted that LED lights are extremely important, especially in outdoor venues, so you should pay attention to these details before hiring the venue. In fact, the use of LED candles in favor of candles in weddings to be held in outdoor venues will prevent any negativity at the wedding.

If you are going to have a wedding in a place such as a mansion or a palace, you should choose flowers that are more suitable for the venue, not minimalist.


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  • I think the choice of flowers on the wedding table is very important. You can get a beautiful look with nice and colorful flowers. The tablecloth can also be colorful

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