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What Should Be Considered When Buying Bridal Shoes?

The care you show in choosing your wedding dress should also be shown when buying the accessories and bridal shoes you will use with your wedding dress. Especially on your wedding day when you will be standing and dancing for a long time, a shoe that makes you uncomfortable can spoil all your joy. In order to avoid such a mishap, let's talk in detail about what you should pay attention to when choosing your bridal shoes and what kind of bridal shoes you should choose according to the wedding venue and ground.

Choose Your Bridal Shoes According to the Wedding Venue and Ground

The first thing you should pay attention to when buying your bridal shoes is that you should choose a shoe suitable for the floor of your wedding venue. Especially if you are planning to have an outdoor wedding; you should buy a bridal shoe that you can walk comfortably on the grass area and that does not sink into the ground. For a beach wedding, instead of a heeled bridal shoe, a bridal sandal or a flat-heeled one in a babette style will be suitable. For indoor wedding ceremonies, you should make sure that the bottom of your shoes does not slip on the floor.

Matching Your Bridal Shoes with Your Wedding Dress

 Another important detail that is effective in your choice of bridal shoes is the harmony between your wedding dress and your shoes. Among the bridal shoe models, there are many different and beautiful options that the bride-to-be will fall in love with. When choosing your bridal shoes, as with your other accessory choices, your shoes should not overshadow your wedding dress. If you have a very flashy and detailed wedding dress, you can choose a simpler model for your bridal shoes. For lace wedding dresses, a shoe with lace details in its decoration is a nice option. If you have chosen a vintage wedding dress, you can get a beautiful look by choosing a bridal shoe that is compatible with the period of your wedding dress.

You Should Make Sure Your Bridal Shoes Are Comfortable

The heel height and comfort of your bridal shoes are important for you to feel comfortable on your wedding day. When purchasing your bridal shoes, you should make sure that you choose a shoe that does not squeeze or hurt your feet. For those looking for comfortable shoes under the wedding dress, flat shoes and recently popular sneakers are among the other alternatives you can wear. You should also choose a comfortable shoe when backing up your bridal shoes. You can also consider the option of sneakers under the wedding dress, which will allow you to take off your high heels and dance comfortably, especially later on the wedding day.

Go to the Bridal Rehearsal with Your Bridal Shoes

The skirt length of your wedding dress is made according to the heel length of your bridal shoes. Therefore, it will be to your advantage to buy your bridal shoes before going to the rehearsals of your wedding dress. This can be your opportunity to try on the comfort of your bridal shoes while providing the opportunity to rehearse in the right size for your wedding dress.

You can also choose bridal shoes in different colors

When buying bridal shoes, brides-to-be usually buy shoes in white color or off-white or cream color according to the color of their wedding dress. If you want to wear shoes in a different color tone under your wedding dress, you can choose a dominant color tone in your bridal flower. Colorful shoes that you will prefer with asymmetrical cut wedding dress models that appeal to modern style look nice. Converse shoes under wedding dresses are also preferred by brides-to-be recently.

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  • I am amazed at those who wear high heels, it is ridiculous to be uncomfortable during the night, as in the article, cream colors without high heels look more elegant.

  • When buying bridal shoes, it is necessary to pay special attention to its comfort, yes, it is necessary to be stylish and to match the wedding dress, but do not forget how many hours that shoe will stand on your feet and you will move and stand.

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