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What to Do at the First Wedding Dress Fitting?

If you have chosen a wedding dress model for your wedding or wedding celebration and decided to have it sewn by a tailor for your dream wedding, you will naturally have a lot of questions such as what to do at the first first wedding dress fitting and how long it takes to sew.

Choosing a wedding dress model means completing only one eighth of the work when having a wedding dress sewn. At this stage, the second step is to find a reliable tailor or atelier with experience in wedding dresses. After the tailor or atelier selection is completed, the rehearsal journey full of excitement and impatience will begin until the wedding dress is received.

First Wedding Dress Fitting

The first wedding dress fitting is a very important stage for a bride. After you have given the wedding dress model to the tailor and planned a series of details such as fabric and accessories you want on it; your tailor will give you an appointment date for the first fitting.

In the first rehearsal planned for wedding dress sewing; the upper part of this important outfit begins to be prepared based on the measurements taken for the wedding dress. During the first wedding dress fitting, which lasts around an hour on average; the cut pieces of the upper region are placed on the body and the necessary arrangement is planned.

The sewing of the wedding dress, which is worn for eight to ten hours during your wedding or wedding celebration, is a time-consuming event that requires experience and skill. After the desired model is delivered to the tailor, the upper part of the wedding dress is cut and prepared by taking measurements until the first rehearsal. Rehearsals take place within a maximum of one hour. However, this one hour can sometimes take days or weeks depending on the tailor's preparation, the details in the wedding dress and the workmanship.

What should the bride-to-be do at her first wedding dress fitting?

At the first fitting, the top or bustier part of the wedding dress is sewn. For this reason, the bride-to-be does not have to take the shoes and other accessories she plans to use at the wedding to the first fitting. But besides this; when going to the first wedding dress rehearsal, it is recommended that the bride-to-be keep the underwear top or a bra very similar to it that she plans to wear under the wedding dress and attend the rehearsal in that way.

If the underwear is similar to the underwear used on the wedding day, it will help the upper part of the wedding dress to cling to your body like a glove. Try to stand straight and upright during the fitting; do not move unless you are asked to do so. While the seamstress is working on you, giving precise answers to the questions she asks will help the desired model to come out as desired.

During the first fitting, if there is a part that squeezes you, feels uncomfortable, stings or rubs; inform your tailor immediately before the upper area starts sewing, to save time. Otherwise, if there is a problem in the second fitting due to the first fitting, it will be necessary to go back to the beginning again to fix the problem, perhaps the prepared stitches will have to be removed and sewn from the beginning.

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