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What to Wear at an Engagement?

If you are invited to an engagement ceremony and you are wondering what to wear at an engagement ceremony or if your engagement ceremony will be held soon and you say "let's not be embarrassed by the girl's side / boy's side, let's know what to wear", you are in the right place. The engagement you will attend or make; It can be a small ceremony held at home or a large and flashy hall engagement. In this case, we explained what jewelry is worn to the bride and groom at the engagement. Here are the details...

What to Wear to the Bride at the Engagement?

First of all, you can take a look at our article ..... to learn general information about the engagement ceremony and get an idea about the organization. In a traditional engagement ceremony, the girl's side will make the engagement, that is, after stating that the engagement costs belong to the girl's side, let's answer what to wear at the engagement. It does not matter whether the engagement ceremony is at home or in the hall and whether the organization is big or small. At the engagement, the bride is given a jewelry set or 2-3 bracelets by the groom's family. Of course, this may vary from region to region. In some engagement ceremonies, only the engagement ring and a bracelet or dog tag can be given to the bride-to-be. Especially in the regions of the Southeast, the bride-to-be is given almost her entire weight in gold at the promise, engagement or wedding. Although we say that in general, a jewelry set or a few bracelets are given to the bride at the engagement, we should add that this may be different according to local customs.

What to Wear to the Groom at the Engagement?

In engagement ceremonies, the girl's side also presents a jewelry to the groom candidates. This is traditionally a watch, but you can also choose a different piece of jewelry according to the tastes of the groom-to-be. If he loves it, a dog tag or a necklace, an antique lighter or a precious piece of what he collects can also be a great engagement gift. Instead of buying a traditional gift for your future husband, you can also choose an engagement gift that will drive him crazy. For this, there are also creative gift alternatives such as a new season jersey of his favorite team or a season ticket of his team, a round-trip plane ticket to a country he would love to see (if you have a question mark about sending it alone, we recommend you to buy tickets for yourself).

What Do the Guests Wear at the Engagement?

Regardless of whether the engagement ceremony is a small or large organization, the guests attending the engagement are not expected to wear jewelry. So if you are invited to an engagement ceremony, you don't have to worry about what gift to bring. In general, according to our customs, only the families of the bride and groom wear jewelry at the engagement ceremony. Of course, there are regions where this situation changes. In some regions, the groom's family and the groom's close relatives (such as grandmother, grandfather, uncle, aunt ...) also wear jewelry. These are not big and extravagant jewelry such as bracelets, but we can state that they wear a small gold piece.

Especially in Anatolia and the Southeast, engagement ceremonies are almost as important as wedding ceremonies. Relatives and acquaintances who would be invited to the wedding are also invited to the engagement ceremony. In these engagement ceremonies, guests wear gold or money according to their degree of closeness. Since the engagement is organized by the girl's side and most of the guests are the acquaintances of the girl's side, the jewelry and money worn at the engagement will remain with the girl's side. These jewelry and coins are a kind of contribution to the dowry of the bride-to-be.

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  • My son-in-law gave my daughter 3 bracelets, 1 necklace, 1 watch at the engagement. The groom wore 1 single stone ring and his father-in-law wore 3 bracelets, my daughter turned to a jeweler.

  • At the engagement, if the engaged couple is close to me, I can consider wearing at least a quarter of gold in line with my budget, but if I was invited a little more politely, I would wear 200 TL.

  • Jewelry is really important in marriage, it is the only thing that will relieve the debts etc. after the wedding process. That's why everyone should do their best, from near to far, and they are already doing it. Everyone should do what suits them.

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