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What to Wear with a Wedding Dress in Winter?

For a bride who will get married in the winter months, the worry of getting cold in a luxurious and very thin wedding dress during walks and photo shoots; It is a very important detail. Considering the amount of time a bride will have to spend on the street, the question of what to wear over a wedding dress in winter will come to the fore.

Naturally, coats, coats or jackets worn when going out in the winter months are not suitable details for a wedding dress. There are many different options for outerwear that will not destroy the magical look of the wedding dress or important details to be worn on the wedding dress.

What to wear over a wedding dress in winter?

Accessories Worn on Wedding Dresses in Winter

Every bride dreams of looking like a gorgeous prince in winter wedding dresses. If your wedding date falls in the winter months, do not be discouraged; You can have a wonderful wedding dress design even in cold weather, and you can take precautions against weather conditions without spoiling the stylish and elegant look with complementary alternatives worn on it. If you have decided to have a wedding in winter; bridal gown There are different alternatives to wear and keep the bride warm.


Fur coats selected in colors and tones compatible with the wedding dress in winter; It is a very popular choice for winter weddings. While fluffy wedding dress models such as princess cut and short furs up to the waist are used; Long, mantle-shaped artificial or natural furs can be worn in tight-fitting wedding dresses such as mermaid. The length of the fur varies depending on the model of the wedding dress. If you prefer fur for winter wedding dresses; Apart from white, you also have the opportunity to use fur options in different color tones such as grey, brown and cream.


If your file hairstyle is suitable while you are outside; You also have the chance to wear a warm bandage, hat and headphones. Such details prevent hair and make-up from being damaged by exposure to wind or other weather conditions, and also serve as protection like a shield. If you use capes designed to be worn over winter wedding dresses, you also have the chance to benefit from their headdresses.

Scarf and Shawl

For brides planning a wedding in winter; There are wonderful scarf and shawl designs to be used with the wedding dress. Shawl designs, which are suitable for almost every wedding dress model, are very common in 2020 wedding dress winter designs. Shawls and scarves with a bright tone help create perfect shots, especially in photo shoots.


Gloves, which are an attractive alternative in winter wedding themes, are designed in various sizes. In addition to gloves that extend to the wrists, gloves that extend to the elbow or even close to the shoulder can be made of lace, satin or have an elasticated texture that adheres tightly to the arm.


Boleros attract great attention from brides, especially at winter weddings; It is used both indoors and outdoors on wedding dresses. Boleros can be made of fur, knitted, lace or satin. While lace and satin boleros are generally integrated with wedding dresses in closed areas; Fur and knitted boleros are a very suitable wedding dress complementary top alternative for outdoor areas.


One of the important accessories that affect brides' comfort in winter is the capes worn over the wedding dress. These specially designed capes are sometimes designed with fabrics in the form of fur and sometimes with dense textures suitable for wedding dress fabric. Capes, which give the bride a stylish complementary look, are divided into two main groups in the 2020 winter wedding dress fashion: with and without hats. Capes used in winter wedding dresses protect the bride from both cold and bad weather conditions such as rain and keep her warm.

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  • Jacket or parquet can be worn if it is cool. Apart from that, if it is for an accessory, gloves as mentioned in the article may be a good choice.

  • Fur can look really nice. Likewise, gloves have become very popular lately and I like them too. My preferences would be the same as in this list.

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