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Where to go for honeymoon

Where to Go for Honeymoon?

The most enjoyable part of wedding planning, which you can organize completely according to your own taste honeymooncan turn into an unforgettable vacation for you. Although there are dozens of different options at home and abroad, you can choose the one that suits you best. The first thing you need to do is to determine your honeymoon concept.

Importance of Planning

The most important part of a good honeymoon is planning. A well-planned honeymoonwill be a vacation like no other.

If you want to have a good honeymoon, it is useful to go step by step. First of all, you can determine your vacation concept. Do you want a honeymoon with sea, sand and sun or do you want a honeymoon that will allow you to visit historical tourist attractions and be in touch with nature? You should decide this in the first place.

Planning your honeymoon in advance can be very beneficial for your budget. Because the earlier you book, the cheaper your honeymoon vacation will be. Especially those who book in the winter season can make half the profit.

Domestic Honeymoon Options

If you want to have a vacation at more affordable prices and don't want to deal with long journeys and passport procedures, consider honeymooning. in Turkey you can do it. There are dozens of beautiful places to honeymoon all over our country.

Write honeymoon If you are planning to have a honeymoon in Belek, which is the most preferred destination according to the data of tour companies. However, you can also choose Bodrum, which is the number one place for vacationers.

Another prominent option will undoubtedly be Çeşme. Çeşme, the most popular holiday destination of Izmir, the pearl of the Aegean, is frequented by vacationers and couples.

Couples who will honeymoon in winter may prefer places where winter tourism is common. Uludağ stands out as the first honeymoon address that comes to mind. You can have a very romantic honeymoon in winter.

Those who want to see natural beauties can also go to the Black Sea. You can have a very unique honeymoon with its clean air and wonderful nature.

Honeymoon Options Abroad

If you want to see different places with your partner, visit places you have never visited and seek a new adventure, a honeymoon abroad is for you. Again, if you determine the concept of your honeymoon in the first place, you can have a very enjoyable vacation.

Abroad honeymoon options are quite many. Especially for couples who want to go on honeymoon in the summer months, there are many beautiful holiday resorts. Couples who cannot give up the sea, sand and sun can choose Maldives and exotic islands. Especially in the Maldives, you can enjoy the sun and beach to the fullest and do water sports.

Bali is also a very important destination. You can explore the underwater beauties, have the famous Balinese massage and discover the natural wonders. We should also underline that Bali's nightlife is quite colorful. Moreover, the fact that it does not require a visa from Turkey is another advantage.

It is also necessary to consider the travel money when going to these places. Tour prices for exotic islands can start from 900 Euros and go up to 3000 Euros.

A romantic honeymoon European countries stand out for those who want to explore new places. Especially countries like Italy and France are frequently preferred by couples. These countries have dozens of historical places to visit and explore. In addition, Italy and France are also very important in terms of cultural activities. Italy and France, which are among the leading regions of the world especially in terms of architecture, are one of the most beautiful places for couples to go.

We need to open a separate parenthesis to Paris, known as the city of love. Seeing the Eiffel Tower and walking the streets of Paris with your loved one can provide you with an unforgettable experience. In this city where every street has a different photo frame, you can accumulate memories you will never forget.

We can also recommend different destinations for couples looking for alternative regions. If we go to exotic regions, Cuba may be your first choice. You can experience a very different holiday with the nostalgic atmosphere of Havana, colorful streets and famous cigars.

European tours have more reasonable prices compared to the Maldives. Prices may vary depending on the hotel you will stay in. If you are going to stay in a 3-star hotel, the price is 500 Euros per person, and if you want to stay in 4-5 star hotels, you have to spend 800-900 Euros for a one-week tour.

Ship Tours

Cruise tours can be a great option for couples who want a romantic vacation. Aegean and Adriatic cruise tours consisting of Croatia, Italy and Greece routes can be a very nice option. Couples who are passionate about the sea and want to spend a romantic vacation should definitely consider this option.

Honeymoon in Winter

In the first part of the article, we mentioned the honeymoon for winter. During the winter months, you can go to places where ski tourism is common such as Uludağ and Kartalkaya, and you can also visit natural habitats such as Abant, Sapanca and SPA.

It is also possible to do different activities such as cable cars and snowboarding in Uludağ and Kartalkaya. You can also choose a wonderful holiday destination like Abant, where you will wake up to a unique winter view.

If you are thinking of vacationing abroad in winter, Switzerland is the perfect place to do it. You can witness the unique natural beauties of Switzerland and experience winter tourism to the fullest. You have the chance to have a very romantic honeymoon with the unique view of the Alps. In the same way, you can also take a look at the Scandinavian countries. You can have an unforgettable vacation with the unique northern lights in Scandinavian countries.

One of the ideal tours for winter is the Balkan countries. The Balkan countries are one of the important points for couples with their natural beauty and calmness. If you are a shopping enthusiast, we do not recommend Balkan countries. We need to underline that a country with natural beauties like Montenegro does not require a visa.

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  • I don't know where, but the Mediterranean would definitely be a good choice! Even thinking about Antalya makes me excited!

  • My preference is Mugla. Marmaris, Datçaaa, the magnificent nature of the Aegean, the air is a priceless experiencemm.

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