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Who Makes the Engagement? Which Party Does What in an Engagement?

After saying yes to the marriage proposal, have you ever had a moment when you started thinking about what will happen next? Many of our brides-to-be have this feeling. Being a lover is a comfortable feeling at some point. Stepping into marriage means meeting and mingling with a new family and starting the seemingly never-ending process of wedding preparations. In this process, you may experience moments where you may get confused and lose yourself in customs and traditions. (In such a case, do we need to tell you that you can find an answer to every subject you are curious about on dugunrehberim.com?)

As we know, it is necessary to allocate a considerable budget for wedding preparations. When shopping for a wedding, families take mutual responsibility and cooperate, which makes this process easier. Well, if you are wondering who does what in wedding shopping ..... You can take a look at our article. In this article, we will be answering questions such as who does the engagement, which party does what in detail.

Who Makes the Engagement and Who Pays for it?

According to traditional customs, there is a common saying: "The girl's side does the engagement". If you are going to have a small promise or engagement ceremony at home after the asking for a girl ceremony or if you are planning to have an engagement ceremony with a big organization in the hall; Let us state that the expenses related to the organization should be covered by you and your family.
Of course, this is not an absolute rule. Although the family of the bride-to-be is expected to make the engagement according to the customs, in the processes related to the wedding preparations, if the families mutually agree; everyone can act according to their means. If you are planning to make an engagement with a traditional practice, then let's convey one by one which parties will cover the engagement costs.

What the Parties Should Do in an Engagement

What Should the Girl's Side Do at the Engagement?

  • Renting the hall where the engagement will take place
  • Preparation and presentation of treats for guests
  • Receiving engagement gifts
  • Preparation and distribution of engagement invitations
  • Decoration of the engagement venue, preparation of the engagement table (when agreed with the organization company, the details of the decoration are made by the organization company)
  • Ordering the engagement cake
  • Receiving the engagement flower
  • Arrangement of engagement music
  • Preparation of the engagement tray
  • Preparation of the groom's bundle
  • The groom's engagement suit
  • Buying a watch or dog tag for the groom
  • Arranging the engagement photographer (the groom can also do it)
  • Arranging a hairdresser for engagement hair and makeup

What Should the Male Party Do in an Engagement?

  • Taking the engagement ring
  • Preparation of the bridal bundle
  • Taking the jewelry to be worn by the bride

In addition to the engagement preparations mentioned above, engagement rings must also be purchased. According to our customs, the engagement rings can be bought mutually by the parties. In other words, the engagement ring to be worn by the groom is bought by the girl's side and the ring to be worn by the bride-to-be is bought by the groom's side. If your engagement rings will be wedding rings that you will use after marriage, our recommendation would be to buy the rings together. You may love the wedding ring pairs created using the same design for men and women.

Let's also give information about the jewelry to be worn by the bride and groom at the engagement. In the engagement, the groom can wear a watch or a dog tag if he prefers. You can also present the groom's favorite object as an engagement gift. For example, an antique pocket watch, silver lighter ...

The jewelry to be worn by the bride at the engagement is usually an elegant jewelry set. Apart from this, if desired, 2-3 bracelets can be worn instead of a jewelry set. What do the guests wear at the engagement? If you are wondering, let us state immediately; Invitees and relatives other than families are not expected to wear jewelry at the engagement. In some regions, the bride and groom's guests also wear gold or money at the engagement ceremony, but this is not a common practice.

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  • We had the engagement done by the girl's side, this is the custom that should be in this way that I know. It was already told by our parents and the girl's side approved it. I heard that it sometimes varies from city to city, but

  • I think especially after the pandemic, engagements seem to be done a little bit more just to say, let's do the engagement. I mean, there are still families and people who adhere to those traditions, but in the new generation, I think it's often a little bit more to say let's do that too.

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