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Who cuts the engagement ribbon?

Who cuts the engagement ribbon?

Who cuts the engagement ribbon?

We have many customs and traditions that carry deep meanings on special occasions. One of these traditions is the cutting of the engagement ribbon... Two people who have decided to build a new home, representing their commitment and holding their rings together... who cuts the engagement ribbon? The details for our curious bride candidates are in the continuation of our article...

What Does the Engagement Ribbon Mean?

First of all, let us explain the meaning of the engagement ribbon and what our traditions mean about the ceremony in which the engagement rings are worn. The rings that are connected to each other with the ribbon threaded through each of the engagement rings; It actually represents two people who are willing to devote their lives to each other and promise their commitment to each other. Being engaged and carrying an engagement ring is a way to show and announce that you are now tied, so to speak, for both your fiancé and every person in your life. In addition, your engagement ring is one of the most beautiful objects that will make your future spouse, to whom you will dedicate your life with love, feel with you at all times (not everyone may like to wear an engagement ring, the alternatives you can use instead of an engagement ring are in the rest of our article).

Cutting the Engagement Ribbon

After the asking for a girl ceremony or at the promise or engagement ceremony on another specified date; the ceremony of cutting the engagement ribbon is performed. The engagement rings are attached to the couple standing side by side and standing side by side, or the couples mutually attach the engagement rings to each other and then the engagement ribbon is cut. And then who cuts the engagement ribbon?

The person who will cut your engagement ribbon should be someone who is dear to both you and your future spouse. A family elder who you both approve of, has strong oratory skills, is loved and respected by everyone can cut your engagement ribbon. Also, we do not know if it is true, but it is believed that when a happily married person cuts your ribbon, you will also have a happy marriage. This person can make a nice speech before cutting your engagement ribbon, wear your rings and then cut your engagement ribbon.

Engagement Rings Instead of Engagement Rings

You may not like wearing a wedding ring or a wedding band, or you may develop allergies on your finger when you wear a ring. In short, for our brides-to-be who cannot wear a wedding ring on their ring finger, let's talk about what engagement rings can represent that they are engaged or married...

Tattoo: A very popular application in recent years on the ring finger Are you also interested in getting a tattoo? You can get a tattoo in the shape of a ring, the initials of your loved one, a shape or a sign that is meaningful to you, symbolizing your engagement or marriage.

Necklace: If you cannot wear your engagement ring on your finger; you can wear it around your neck as a necklace. In addition, if you like nostalgia, you can also consider a heart-shaped necklace with your photos as an engagement ring.


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  • It makes more sense to me that the engagement ribbon should be cut by the groom's father or grandfather, if any. It is always better if someone with a good marriage cuts it.

  • The eldest, most experienced and knowledgeable person, who is loved by both the boy's side and the girl's side, usually cuts the ribbon among the family. Because this is our tradition. Grandfathers are usually the first

  • Honestly, in every engagement I see, the ribbon is cut by the eldest and most respected member of the family and the sister or best friend of the bride who brings the scissors.

  • I actually know that this varies from region to region. For example, I've heard that in some regions the sister of the bride can do it, but mostly the elders of the family do it. So it varies according to the region and culture.

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