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who does what in marriage

Who Does What in Marriage?

Marriage means running your own home, your own family, a house where your rules apply. Marriage There are things that everyone has to practice. Today, marriage is touted as slavery, not for men but for women. There is absolutely no such thing. There are certain duties that fall on everyone after marriage. When we look at the past, marriage has been touted as women constantly serving men and having to do what men say. Today's marriages do not have a regular livelihood because men apply these habits from the past to their wives. For this reason, divorces have increased. We are here for you who does what in marriage We have researched this and we will share it with you.

What Does a Man Do in Marriage?

The man has more of a role in marriage than anyone else. In other words, it is the man who creates the marriage and sustains it. He has to know how to manage. The man must know how to manage both his mother and his wife. Because if it is felt that he treats one of them differently, it is not welcome for both sides. Today, men cannot do this; they cannot distinguish the difference between their mothers and their wives. Mothers cannot distinguish the difference between themselves and their daughters-in-law, which is why divorces are increasing day by day. A man will work, he will come home and expect service. But while waiting for this service, the way he speaks and his demeanor while demanding something is extremely important. Therefore, it is the man's duty to maintain the balance between them.

Who does what in marriage the most important thing is mutual respect. The second most important thing is to take care of each other. A man who knows how to take care of his wife does not lose her in any way, there is not even a situation like losing her. He should pay attention to the hours he enters and leaves. When they were single, there were mothers and fathers who did not interfere with the time they came home. There are men who think that this will continue after marriage, but this is absolutely not the case. Coming home late means being negligent. Nowadays, no girl wants to be the wife of a negligent man. That is why they should be very sensitive about this issue.

What should women do in marriage?

There are many things expected from our women in today's marriages. The reason for this, as we mentioned, is that our families raise their children according to marriages from the past. Therefore, our women are usually kept in the second plan. It is shown as if the woman is obliged to serve the man at home, but this is not the case. In our country, there are also women who manage a company. In a marriage, a woman should not put herself in the second plan. This does not mean fighting at home all the time or being stubborn about not doing something to her husband. A woman should make her husband do everything she wants. She should do it sweetly or find her own methods. No man will do anything at his command.

As we have said, just as a man should know how to treat his wife, a woman should know how to treat her husband, what to ask for and where and how to ask for it. The marriages of our ladies who can do this go on track in a regular way. If you, as a woman, think that you can get men to do something by being stubborn, you are wrong. Since women go too much on men about stubbornness, their marriages are often shaky. You cannot solve any problem through stubbornness, you cannot reach what you want.

They should know how to be possessive more than men. Jealousy is not possessiveness. You should be possessive without boring the man. The more you know how to take care of your wives, the more your husbands will respect and take care of you. If you want to order something you want to do, this can backfire on some men. So as a woman, you need to know your husband and know how to get permission for something you want from your husband.

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