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Who gets in the bridal car, who drives the bridal car

Who gets in the bridal car and who drives?

One of the most emotional moments of the wedding day is undoubtedly experienced during the reception. After these emotionally charged moments in which the words "I will both cry and leave" find meaning, the wedding convoy is formed and sets off towards the wedding area behind the bridal car...

Who gets in the bridal car?

Generally, only two people, the bride and the groom, or four people, one from the bride's family and one from the groom's family, usually ride in the bridal car.

The wedding day is one of the happiest and most exciting days for the bride and groom. Therefore, having someone to help them in the bridal car reduces the couple's excitement and stress somewhat. For example, someone needs to help the bride while getting in and out of the car. (That's why you should choose someone you like. Among the first choices that come to our mind are a cousin, sister, aunt-in-law, or a close friend. In some cases, the sister-in-law gets in the car to help the bride.)

Another option is for only the bride and groom to get into the bridal car. (Some couples rent a car for two people just for this, so that they can have a pleasant journey alone and their relatives will not be offended.)

How Many People Should Ride in the Bridal Car?

It is appropriate for a total of two people to ride in the bridal car, in addition to the bride and groom. Because the wedding dress will be big/puffy anyway, the couple will barely fit into the back seats. Since the driver and the bride's relative will sit in the front seats, there will be no other space in the car.

In some regions, families can plan who will ride in the bridal car without consulting the couple; Mothers-in-law who insist on sitting in the front, relatives who want to occupy the back seat,... Although this behavior is wrong in our opinion, you may encounter such a situation. But don't be discouraged on this special day, remember that you make all the decisions.

Who Uses the Bridal Car?

Especially when throwing money in envelopes to children, which is our custom and tradition, the driver must be very careful to avoid causing any accidents. Since the groom cannot cope with both the excitement of the wedding and the stress of driving at the same time, the bride's car is usually driven by someone from the groom's family. (For example, it could be a brother, cousin, uncle.) But of course, it should not be forgotten that a close friend and a private driver are among the options.

Some couples prefer to be alone in the bridal car. In this case, the driver of the bride's car is naturally the groom.

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  • It varies depending on who will be driving the car. Since my wife was driving our bridal car, my brother and my wife's brother also came to the back seats, but if a driver is going to drive, since the only driver's seat will be empty, we can act accordingly.

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