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Why and How to Wear a Veil?

The one you use with your wedding dress accessory Have you ever wondered why the veil is used and where this practice, which is common in many societies around the world, comes from? The use of veils may be even older than the wedding dress. It is known that the veil, which was used especially in red color in the past, was used to protect brides from evil spirits. In our culture, the red veil is worn on henna nights and when the bride leaves the house. The meaning of this tradition, which is still common especially in Anatolia, is as follows; the color red represents dedication. When it is draped over the bride's head, it means her dedication to her husband and the new family she will establish.

Again in our culture, the wedding dress and white veil represent beauty and purity. Especially in the old arranged marriages, the groom's lifting the bride's veil on the wedding night and putting on a bridal veil has taken place in our culture as the custom of opening the veil. This custom is still continued from time to time. Today, the veil, which is an accessory, makes wedding dresses look more flashy.


What kind of veil should you wear?

Your long-awaited wedding day has arrived. You will now start to experience all the processes that you have exhausted yourself to decide one by one. Wearing your wedding dress, doing your hair and make-up, putting on your veil... Let's stop a little at the point of putting on your veil; you may have chosen a wedding dress that suits your body and your wedding theme.

With a great application, your bridal hair and make-up can be complete. Now it's time for the final touch you need to have a charming beauty... Attaching your veil to your hair... How your veil will be attached is very important for you to have the perfect look. We recommend that you make sure that your hairdresser is as experienced in veil attachment as he is in hair and make-up applications.

The most basic thing to consider when attaching your veil to your hair is to wear your veil according to your face shape, just like your hairstyle. If we talk about it in detail;

  • We have already mentioned that those with oval faces are the lucky group. As with your hairstyle, you are free to choose whatever you want in your veil preferences. Depending on the features of your wedding dress and wedding venue, you can use a long or elbow-length veil.
  • People with square facial features have an angular chin while the width and length of their faces are close to each other. If you have a square face shape; You can choose nun models for a face line appearance close to the oval face shape. In addition, the veil you will wear by leaving your hair open will be a nice choice.
  • If you have rectangular facial features, unlike a square face, you have a longer face. It will be the right choice for you to make your choice in favor of those that are fluffy towards the sides.
  • For round faces, it is also important how to choose and how to wear the veil. For your face to have an oval face look, you can choose a veil that you will leave your hair open. bride You can choose a hairstyle and a veil that falls from the sides of your hair. The veil model you should stay away from will be the ones that are fluffy towards the sides.
  • If you have a heart face shape, we can state that you have a wide forehead and a pointed chin. In order to make your forehead look narrower, a model that is pinned fluffy under your bun will make you look perfect.


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