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why the bride is tied with a red ribbon

Why is a Red Ribbon Tied to the Bride?

One of the marriage traditions is the red ribbon tied around the bride's waist by her father or a male family elder. Do you know the meaning of this ribbon that they tie around the waist of their daughter, whom they have raised for years, when she leaves her home? In this article, we will first talk about the red ribbon tradition. Then we will answer the questions of why a red ribbon is tied to the bride and what this ribbon means.

Red Ribbon Tradition

The red ribbon ceremony takes place as follows: Before the bride leaves her father's house, her family organizes a small ceremony. The young girl is brought to the center of the room by her closest friends. The bride's father or the elders of the family tie a red ribbon around her waist three times with takbir and salavat. According to our tradition, the bride's father attaches gold or money to the end of the ribbon that is tied three times. (This is considered to be the last allowance the bride will receive from her father.) While this event is taking place, there is also a sentimentality as if the bride and her family will never meet again.

Why is a Red Ribbon Tied to the Bride at Marriage?

This ribbon represents both the chastity and virginity of the young girl. Our ancients say that this sash also symbolizes zeal. For this reason, the red sash is also called the sash of zeal among the people.

Many families still practice this custom, which is being erased by modern brides. (Of course, it is up to you and your family whether or not to follow this custom).

Well, do you know what the red ribbon means in a wedding dress? Let's talk about that right away.

What Does a Red Ribbon on a Wedding Dress Mean?

This ribbon, which marks the bride's transition from girlhood to womanhood, also conveys the message that the bride will now be under the groom's responsibility and protection. In other words, the father's power of attorney is transferred to the groom.

But in fact, they say that the female bird builds the nest. Therefore, the red ribbon on the wedding dress also carries the message that the bride should be strong and diligent in her new home, support the development of the family and be hardworking. In addition to diligence, this red sash symbolizes virginity and honor; it also means that the bride is sent off from her father's house in an immaculate way, preserving her innocence.

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