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why wear a white wedding dress when getting married, why wear a wedding dress when getting married

Why Wear White Wedding Dresses When Getting Married?

The white wedding dress fashion in our country dates back to 1898: The first white wedding dress in our history was worn by Naime Sultan. Until then, brides always wore red at weddings, but after Naime Sultan; wedding dresses continued to be worn in white color throughout the journey of history. We are sure that every young girl has a model in her mind that adorns her dreams, in which she dreams that she will float like a swan, but almost all of them are white! Well, have you ever thought about why white wedding dresses are worn when getting married?

Why Wear White Wedding Dresses When Getting Married?

Many young girls imagine themselves in a white wedding dress all their lives (maybe even since childhood). But not many of them know why this special outfit they want to wear or have dreamed of for years is white. The white wedding dress has become a tradition; for some it is a symbol of innocence and purity, while for others it is the blessing of their new home.

History of the White Wedding Dress

Wedding dresses were not always white. At first they were yellow, then red. But then, thanks to the two queens, the tradition of red wedding dresses was abandoned.

It is known that the white wedding dress was first worn by Queen Anne in the 16th century. But a few centuries later, Queen Victoria made her name in fashion history as the woman who wore the white wedding dress. Behind her, these elegant and elegant color-designed wedding dresses started to spread around the world.

The white wedding dress, which first adorned the weddings of noble and wealthy families, has spread to other lower economic classes in our country since the 19th century and has become traditional and indispensable. The white wedding dress, which is accepted as an indicator of virginity and morality as well as innocence and purity, began to carry different meanings in each country.

Does the wedding dress have to be white?

But does the wedding dress have to be white? Of course not! Nowadays, wedding dresses in the countries of the world can be in different colors. Especially recently, this situation has started to become widespread in our country, albeit sporadically. In other words, there is no rule that "the wedding dress must be white"; as an alternative to white, there are wedding dresses in nude, cream, off-white and even pink tones.

Meaning of White Wedding Dress

Born and spread with the modern western tradition, the white wedding dress fashion first took place in palaces and was interpreted according to the different styles and postures of many brides over time. In other words, white wedding dresses mean different things around the world. For example, while the white wedding dress, which is a symbol of celebration in Greece, expresses the happiness of the brides, it has become a symbol of concepts such as innocence, virginity and morality as well as joy and celebration in many countries of the world such as Germany, France and America. Stepping into the world with a white wedding dress also includes the belief that there will be peace, abundance and fertility in that house.

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  • This was one of the topics I was curious about. Thanks to this content, I have gained information, thank you...

  • I always know from my environment that white wedding dresses are chosen because of cleanliness, purity and untouchedness, but of course, I think this is a little more universal, they say so in our village, but after all, white wedding dresses are also preferred in foreigners, thank you for your information in general.

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