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How to Perform a Lightning Wedding?

One of the issues that couples who want to leave the wedding preparations behind and enter the world with a quick wedding ceremony or who are impatient are curious about is the lightning wedding. If you have ideas like "let's get married as soon as possible, there is no point in postponing it any longer, it will be more exciting, all the wedding halls are full in the summer months, let's surprise our relatives", this article is for you! Because in this article, we will talk about the lightning wedding, which we are most familiar with from movies and TV series, and we will learn whether it is possible to enter the registry office single and leave married. You can also find answers to questions such as what are the necessary documents for a lightning wedding, how to perform a lightning wedding, and how much it costs in this article.

What is a Lightning Wedding?

Let's first talk about how the concept of a lightning wedding emerged. In the past, marriage procedures in state offices took quite a long time. Couples who applied to the registry office to get married were waiting for a long time and the wedding dates were constantly postponed. Couples who wanted to get married urgently, on the other hand, were getting married after a fast wedding process called lightning marriage by speeding up the marriage procedures with a court decision. But thanks to the marriage declaration, this period is now considerably shorter. In other words, there is no need to file a lawsuit and speed up the process to get married in a shorter time.

Is There Such a Thunderbolt Wedding? Is it practiced today?

The fast wedding process, which was referred to as a lightning wedding in the past, is not needed today. In other words, there is no such thing as a lightning wedding in the legislation anymore.

Well then, isn't the question of how to have a lightning wedding a bit ridiculous? Not really; We still use this term to refer to marriages that are performed in a very short period of time. If there is nothing preventing you from getting married today, you can get married within a few days. If you ask what these obstacles are, you can read this article: What are the Obstacles to Marriage?(After all, we don't want you to be surprised later, do we?)

How Does a Lightning Wedding Work?

Although traditionally, applications are made months in advance to get a wedding day, if desired, the marriage ceremony can be held in a very short time for couples who want to get married.

Can a Lightning Wedding Happen on the Same Day?

No matter how fast the wedding procedures are nowadays, unfortunately, your wedding cannot be held as soon as you submit your documents; The marriage registry office you apply to can give you a wedding date 24 hours later at the earliest. (Even in crowded cities, it is quite possible to get a date 2-3 days later). However, when you make your application, be sure to specify how early you would like to receive a date.

Where to Apply?

To get your wedding date, you need to apply to the marriage office of the municipality where your wedding will be held, the marriage office where you or your spouse reside, or the district mufti offices.

Of course, do not forget to take your documents with you. In addition, if your wedding will not be held in one of the districts where you reside, you need to get a marriage license before making your application. You can learn every detail you need to know about the marriage license by reading this article: How to Obtain a Marriage License?.

What are the Documents Required for a Lightning Nikah?

If you want to enter the world with the person you love with a quick wedding ceremony or if you want to get married quickly by skipping the wedding preparations process; Let's talk about the steps you need to take and what are the necessary documents for the wedding.

The documents required for a Yıldırım marriage are the same as those required for a civil marriage. In other words, the documents requested from you during the application are as follows:

  • Original and photocopies of ID cards with current photographs
  • Passport photos taken within the last 6 months (We recommend you to have at least 6 photos taken so that you do not encounter any surprises later).
  • Marriage health report
  • Marriage license
  • Population registration sample
  • Proof of residence
  • Declaration of marriage

You can find detailed information on where you can obtain these documents in our article below: Documents Required for Nikah. However, the marriage office you will apply to may ask for more or less documents. For this reason, we recommend that you call the marriage office in advance and get information about this issue. In this way, you will be able to complete the marriage procedures quickly and without any hitches.

It takes a few days to prepare the documents required for the marriage ceremony. The document that takes the longest time among the required documents is the health report; it takes one or two days to obtain. If you want to speed up the process, you can have the tests required for the health report done in private hospitals, but you must pay for the tests and the test results must be approved by your family physician.

How Much Does a Lightning Wedding Cost?

After you apply for a wedding, you can get a date for the nearest available day, and you do not have to pay an extra lightning wedding fee. In other words, you only need to pay the amount determined by the municipality you apply to for the necessary procedures. The price tariff you have to pay for the wedding procedures varies according to weekdays, weekends or holidays. In addition, it is also considered an extra fee if the registrar performs the marriage in a place other than the marriage office.

To clarify the amount you will pay, you can go to the website of the municipality you will apply to or you can get information by phone. (It is worth noting that this amount you will pay also includes expenses such as the marriage certificate, file and hall fee).

Room Wedding for those who want a wedding without guests or ceremony

Since couples who want to have a lightning wedding usually prefer a chamber wedding, we wanted to briefly touch on this issue. If you have a small number of guests, if you cannot allocate a large budget for your wedding or if you do not want to have a special ceremony, you can choose a chamber wedding at the marriage office of the municipality you apply to. By the way, do not forget to identify your witnesses before the wedding and inform them in advance.

To find out the cost of a chamber wedding, you can call the municipality to which the marriage office is affiliated. (As we mentioned before, prices vary depending on weekdays and weekends. But you can be sure that the prices will be much cheaper compared to other wedding venues).

You have to think about your relatives..

Some registry offices broadcast weddings live on the internet upon request. If you have such a request, we recommend that you ask the authorities if they offer this service (after all, even if your wedding is a surprise, you may have relatives who live far away from you or want to watch your wedding, right?)

You can also record your wedding ceremony and get it on DVD from the registry office.

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