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Wedding Customs and Traditions by Region

Wedding customs and traditions in Turkey are very popular in some cities, while in others they are a bit more modernized and incorporated into our lives. Although many of the customs and traditions practiced in the past now attract our attention, it can sometimes be difficult to apply the same traditions today. If you want to learn about the customs you may encounter at your wedding or the traditions you want to apply, just read the rest of the article. While it is still possible to apply some of our traditions as they are, it is useful to adapt some of them to today's conditions. Turkey is one of the rare cultures that has an extremely rich content in terms of wedding customs and traditions. You can take a look at some of the wedding customs and traditions by region here.

What are Wedding Customs and Traditions by Region?

Wedding ceremonies that have been told for years are passed down to today in the light of traditions that continue both before and after. If you don't want to fit all your traditions and customs into your wedding ceremony, you can create an unforgettable wedding by blending new and old wedding traditions. Although the new habits that have replaced the once very popular wedding customs may not keep the original alive, they will best describe the sense of belonging you feel. We will try to share with you the wedding traditions of different regions. This way, you can plan a wedding in a way that you and your future spouse will meet in the middle. Not only will your wedding bear traditional traces, but it will also appeal to a wide culture with some of your additions within these traditions.

Adana's Wedding Traditions

Adana is a province famous for its long-lasting wedding parties. In order to make the groom's house known in the neighborhood, a large Turkish flag is hung the day before the wedding. While the flag is hanging; drums and zurnas start to play. This means that the wedding is started. The halay starts in the boy's house and continues more enthusiastically in front of the girl's house. One of the most common customs at Adana weddings is the dessert served to the groom. In the girl's house, there is usually a quarter gold in the baklava tray offered only to the groom. The groom never refuses the offer to find this quarter gold. Afterwards; the bride goes to the drum playing in front of the bride's house and plenty of tips are distributed.

Adana with Long Lasting Weddings

It is natural that every province, even almost every house, has its own customs and traditions. While establishing your new home, you may also want your wedding to bear traces of traditions within certain limits. Those who want to have their wedding in this way should especially pay attention to Adana weddings. Families who migrated to the city, where their fellow countrymen who are extremely loyal to their traditions and customs live together, have also adapted to the wedding customs of this city.

Wedding Traditions of Afyonkarahisar

The day before the wedding is generally considered the best day for henna. On the day of the henna, the groom's mother and other relatives go to the girl's house. Greeted with music and folk songs, the groom's mother and her relatives have fun with the bride. In this daytime ceremony, the bride kisses the hands of all female relatives and receives advice about marriage from them. Finally, she kisses the hand of her mother-in-law. After kissing her hand, the mother-in-law cuts a few strands of the bride's hair and kisses her forehead. Henna preparations are then made. The next day you are likely to see one of Afyon's famous street weddings.

Afyon's Reader Tradition

Afyon is one of the most beautiful provinces of Turkey, which is included in many researches on wedding traditions. When you attend the weddings of the people of Afyon or when you go to any wedding in Afyon, you may encounter wedding customs that you have never heard of before. According to Afyon wedding traditions and customs; the bride and groom's families do not send invitations to their close circles. Both families adopt a different custom instead of sending invitations. The person who will give the wedding news to the close circle of both the bride and the groom is carefully selected. This person should be a woman from the male side. She is assigned by the groom, together with other women relatives, to announce the wedding date and invite people to the wedding. The women who fulfill this custom are called readers. Forgetting or skipping this custom is a great shame according to Afyon traditions. Women play the leading role in Afyon wedding customs. No matter which custom or tradition you look at, women are at work.

Wedding customs in Aydin

While some customs make perfect sense, others have changed from the past to the present. However, the same cannot be said for horse-drawn ceremonies. In Aydin; groom harassment customs are frequently practiced. The day before the wedding and on the wedding day the groom is made to do unnecessary work. On the wedding day; the groom's father or brother goes to pick up the bride by horse. The last custom before going to pick up the bride is waving the flag from the groom's house. The purpose of this custom is to make the surrounding houses realize that this house is having a wedding and to attend the ceremony without waiting for an invitation. When the mother of the bride takes her daughter out of the house, she pours wheat grains over her head and distributes colored chickpea candies to those who come to pick her up. This custom is carried out in order for the bride to bring blessings to her new home.

Aydın Weddings with the Customs of Harassing the Groom

The groom makes a lot of effort at Aydın weddings. That period called sweet fatigue is the result of the most entertaining moments of Aydın weddings. Those who want to get married in Aydin should prepare themselves for the custom of taking a horse bride. If you are thinking of attending a wedding in Aydın, you can also witness how seriously the tradition of taking the bride on horseback is done. Ladies whose fiancé is from Aydın should definitely have some information about wedding customs.

Wedding Traditions in Edirne

The mother-in-law and groom who come to receive the bride first greet their in-laws. Then the bride leaves the house on the arm of her brother and after kissing her mother-in-law's hand, she sits on a chair specially prepared for her. After this small celebration in front of the bride's house, the groom is asked to pay the bride's bride price before moving towards the wedding venue. The relatives of the bride allow the groom to enter the bride's house only if he pays the toe tip. Another custom among the sweet customs of the region is that the bride leaves her father's house full. A beautiful table is set for the bride before the groom arrives. The bride is the only one to benefit from this table and some pocket money is placed in her purse. This money is not only purely symbolic; it is also an extension of an ancient tradition. The bride receives the message that she will always be with her family with these customs.

Edirne with Bridal Chair

Edirne is a province known for being one of the first addresses of fun and unforgettable weddings. Edirne's wedding customs and wedding customs are still widely practiced. Brides sit on a chair in front of their fathers' houses and the groom and his friends show their skills around this chair, accompanied by drums.

Wedding customs in Tekirdag

It is one of the customs of the bride's house to hide the key to the door, the key to the car and to receive a tip from the groom. In addition to this; some young people in the wedding procession may come to the bride's house before the groom and receive money for the running air from the groom. The young people who continue this custom participate in the halay as the first team to arrive at the bride's house and perform unforgettable folk dances of the Thracian air. After the bride's family joins the celebrations, the wedding begins and the entertainment can continue until the time people want.

Tekirdag Wedding Customs with Running Air

The last step before the wedding, the bridal procession, is one of the most cherished moments in almost every wedding. In Tekirdağ, the wedding procession starts the first celebrations at the bride's house. The musicians, who usually start playing on the street, sometimes enter the house and an enthusiastic crowd celebrates the bride's exit from the house. While the wheels or running gear of the cars in the wedding procession coming to the girl's house were previously hidden, today the custom of hiding the car keys has taken place. In almost every city, these customs are tried to be continued with key storage.

Kastamonu Wedding Traditions

Today, you are closely interested in the guests you host for your wedding and you actually keep all of these traditions alive by adapting them to this day. Kastamonu's wedding customs are not limited to the food served. In Kastamonu, the groom's house pays a visit to the bride's house on the henna day. In return for this visit, the bride's mother and guests also go to the groom's house. In return for the bundle brought to the bride, all the guests who come to the bride's house offer all kinds of gifts to the groom under the name of groom's bundle. This exchange of gifts, which takes place the day before the wedding, also strengthens family ties.

Kastamonu Examples of Turkish Weddings

Kastamonu is one of the regions that gives the most place to customs and traditions in their weddings. In Kastamonu, weddings usually start with meals served three days in advance. If you want, you can give these meals professionally by hiring a company, or you can distribute them by cooking them with cauldrons at home. The reason why weddings start with meals is the belief that the bride will bring blessings to her new home. It is still possible to continue this custom in order to host your guests in the best way you can and to ensure that your guests, who are friends and relatives before the wedding, leave your wedding satisfied.

How Should Wedding Traditions Be Practiced?

The wedding traditions practiced throughout Turkey have now been replaced by old customs and traditions. Couples who are bored with standard wedding entertainment are now taking care to keep traditions, which are a reflection of traditional culture, alive by integrating them into popular culture. Every wedding host is trying to do something special for their own wedding, while looking for ways to make this difference with wedding traditions that have sunk into oblivion. Even in the most modern wedding organizations; couples who make a special request for the implementation of traditional customs can plan a wedding with traces of their own culture and a concept that suits their sense of entertainment. The important issue is to adapt wedding traditions to this day. In this regard, organization companies work intensively and continue to develop projects suitable for you. It is possible to catch these traditions in all of the traditions such as horse-drawn bridal procession, wedding convoys, bridal bath, meals given at the wedding, groom's bundle and bride's bundle, and dances performed at the wedding. The applicability of the customs and traditions you want to include in your weddings can create a wonderful organization together with the wedding concept you have planned. For this reason, while planning your wedding, you can include your own customs and traditions in this ceremony, and you can sign a different and difficult to forget moment.

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